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Velut Luna

ViPerArp Trio - Varina Fortin, Lucia Stone, Marica Veronese

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ViPerArp Trio (CVLD346)

Varina Fortin, violin
Lucia Stone, harp
Marica Veronese, percussions

01 - Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) 6:32
        Freddy Mercury
02 - Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones) 3:56  
        Mick Jagger, Keith Richard
03 - Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga) 3:27
        Lady Gaga
04 - Firth Of Fifth (Genesis) 7:47
        Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Phil Collins
05 - Resistance (Muse) 6:01
        Matthew Bellamy
06 - Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley) 4:14
        Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, George David Weiss
07 - Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin) 7:50
        Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
08 - Your Song (Elton John) 5:28
        Elton John, Bernie Taupin
Total time: 45:20
All Arrangements by Oscar Del Barba
24bit / 88.2kHz original digital recording made at Magister Area Recording, Preganziol, Italy,
on July 5, 6, 7, 2022
Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Balance recording and mix engineer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producer: Mattia Zanatta
Editing engineer: Mattia Zanatta
Final and fine editing: Andrea Valfrè
Mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Design and layout: L'Image
Social media manager: Massimo Corvino Consulting

"There are two kinds of music: good music and all that"
Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington

This quote of the great Duke is found affirmed by many other acute and attentive musicians, although with the most different variations of form, but the same substantial essence. For example, Adriano Lincetto, my father, often said that there is no "Classical Music" or "Pop Music", or "Jazz Music"... there is only Beautiful Music and Ugly Music. And in fact he, great academic pianist, composer, piano teacher, loved indifferently, for example, the Beethoven Sonata "Appassionata", as well as Yesterday by the Beatles or Sassi by Gino Paoli.
This concept is also the one that mainly instructed my choice to found almost thirty years ago an alternative record label to the plastered choices of the majors and all those so-called "mainstream" operators.
A project like this ViPerArp Trio represents the narrowest and most intimate essence of this reasoning.
It is not a "provocative" project, on the contrary: it aims precisely to break down once more the barriers between genres, with the aim of magnifying the very essence of Music.
So I personally chose the eight songs that make up this album, all famous and of "popular extraction", that are written and made famous and immortal by authors and interpreters definitive in the popular imagination.
I chose these pieces and I entrusted them to the wise hands of a modern genius of Music like Oscar Del Barba, who made them the subject of his reflections and attentions.
His work has been to filter melodies, harmonies and musical rhythms, natively fixed and established in a precise genre direction, through his knowledge and his personal sensitivity that passes without any solution of continuity, from Stravinsky to South American rhythms, from Bartok to Charlie Parker, in a kaleidoscope of new colors and emotions, bewitching, absolute.
I think this work can represent a sort of perfect paradigm translated into sounds of the initial quote of Duke Ellington. And I hope it will represent a moment of leisure, but also of cultural growth for anyone who wants to buy it, listen to it and taste it, putting aside any prejudice and structural preconception.
The performers of this adventure have in turn been able to undress the "role-playing roles" of serious "classical" musicians with impeccable curriculum, spent between classrooms of the Conservatory and prestigious stages of the most famous world theatres, that is, they were able to come down from the academic chair that characterizes the main careers, to become Muses of a New Music, which as the great Maestro Ennio Morricone loved to say, we could define Absolute.
Their instruments turn and transfigure into something else on their own, like the violin that sometimes winks at the sound of the electric guitar or a vintage keyboard, or the harp that knows how to go from rhythmic engine button to sweet melodious lyre and finally the endless percussion that act as a counterweight and glue to the work of the other two performers, not without carving out in turn a solo role where you least expect.
Thanks then to Oscar Del Barba who had the vision of all this on my perverse inspiration; and about the performers who have been able to get out of their traditional role and identify themselves at their best in this vision of ours.

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