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Velut Luna

THE CINEMA SHOW! - Stravinskij Chamber Orchestra

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Violin I:
Daniele Ruzza (solo),
Ciaki Kanda, Massimiliano Simonetto,
Francesca Bonomo
Violin II:
Alessandro Gasparini (solo),
Federica Bertevello, Carlo Giordani
Giancarlo Bussola (solo), Caterina Camozzi
Andrea Bellato (solo), Giordano Pegoraro
Double Bass:
Daniele Roccato (solo), Francesco Piovan

Domenico Nordio, solo violin on Schindler's List
Mara Comellato, flute
Antonio Graziani, clarinet
Mirko Bellucco, trumpet
Benedetta Botter, voice
Graziano Zuin, guitars
Gino Schipillitti, guitars
Paolo Vidaich, percussions
Alessandro Piovan, drums

01 - Alladin, Suite 4:01
02 - Schindlers' List 5:08
03 - Forrest Gump 3:26
04 - Moon River 3:06
05 - Amapola 4:06
06 - Nuovo cinema paradiso (Suite) 9:12
07 - Anul tu lev 3:42
08 - Oblivion 3:39
09 - Per un pugno di dollari (Suite) 2:02
10 - C'era una volta in America (Suite) 15:42
11 - The Beauty and the Beast (Suite) 6:07
Total Time: 60:20

24/96 digital recording made at the Public Auditorium, Chiuppano, Italy, on July 7 - 9, 2001 - Analog Remastering made at Velut Luna Studios, Preganziol, Italy, on June 1, 2012

Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Recording, mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producer: Mirko Schipilliti
Photo: Marco Lincetto

The generations of composers who grew up with and with cinema, who with it or even with certain directors ended up identifying themselves almost completely, affirmed the importance of a solid basic compositional school to be able to indelibly engrave the image in the sound, in a melody, in a timbre or chord, immediately penetrating the filmic situation.
Writing for the cinema also became a possible way to break or reduce the twentieth-century gap created between contemporary composers and the general public, addressing the problem of simplification within the communication between artist and user, in the knowledge of composing music that in a very short time could reach a very large audience.
This CD is an obvious example: the music written by the greatest authors of all time, such as Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini, John Williams, Alan Menken, Alan Silvestri, Astor Piazzolla, take us through a magical world of memorable stories and images.

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