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Velut Luna


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Stick To Duke (CVLD345)

Federico Zaltron, violino
Caterina Salizzato
, violoncello
Glauco Benedetti
, tuba
Federico Pierantoni
, trombone
Marcello Abate
, chitarra

01 - Medley, 4:07
Night Time,  Edward Kennedy Ellington, Doris Julian, Billy Strayhorn
Azure, Edward Kennedy Ellington, Irving Mills
02 - La plus belle Africaine, 6:05
Edward Kennedy Ellington
03 - Medley, 4:07
Dancers in Love, Edward Kennedy Ellington
Jump for Joy, Edward Kennedy Ellington, Sid Kuller, Paul Francis Webster
04 - The Star Crossed Lovers3:26
Edward Kennedy Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
05 - Medley, 5:54
Pyramid, Edward Kennedy Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills, Juan Tizol
Moonlight Fiesta, Irving Mills, Juan Tizol
06 - Awful Sad3:52
Edward Kennedy Ellington
07 - Fleurette Africaine3:56
Edward Kennedy Ellington
08 - Echoes of Harlem2:13
Edward Kennedy Ellington
09 - Pitter Panther Patter2:59
Edward Kennedy Ellington
10 - Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love, 4:10
Charles Mingus
Total Time, 40:55

24bit / 88.2kHz original live-in-studio recording made at San Giacomo Spazio d'Arte
Albignasego, Italia, on April, 30th, 2022
Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical Producer: Marco Lincetto
Balance, mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Pro Tools operator: Cristiano Zatta
Video maker: Michele Zangrossi
Cover art: Michele Bertoldi
Design and Layout: L'Image
Selfie Jungle is a quintet that honors and distorts the music of the orchestra of Duke Ellington.Recorded with the technique of live-in-studio in the presence of a handful of selected listeners, this record makes use of a sound characterized by extraordinary presence and plasticity, with a sound image incredibly close to the reality of the execution, above you can see a comprehensive photographic image. Timbre, Image and Dynamics at the highest levels, for an unmissable record for every fan of great music, even extraordinarily recorded.

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