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SCHUBERT: 600 LIEDER, Olimpio Cescatti

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SCHUBERT: 600 LIEDER, Olimpio Cescatti

Schubertian liederistica is part of that cultural context that not only constitutes a test for singers and pianists for almost 200 years, but also represents a real poetic anthology of production of the eighteenth-nineteenth century. The Germans made it a monument of their culture and musicology makes it one of the cornerstones of his studies. However, to define this volume "only" an instrument for lovers of Romances for voice and piano is somewhat restrictive. It is also and above all an organic collection of German and European poetry by some of the major authors: Goethe, Shiller, Schlecta, Schober, but also, and perhaps, of lesser-known names such as Pichler, Collin, Reissig. And then again Eschilo, Anacreonte; and Metastasio, Goldoni, Petrarca that contribute, in their original Italian version, to constitute the corpus of the 600 Lieder, here fully proposed, with original text on the front, in the curatorship of one of our most recognized translators and scholars of German poetry: Olimpio Cescatti.

With depictions of Gianmario Masala

p. 600 about

Format: 17 x 24

Matt plastic cover with flap

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