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Velut Luna


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JAZZ. Original compositions by Roberto Magris.
Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica Città di Verona, conductor Marco Pasetto. Special guests: Roberto Magris piano, Massimo Greco trumpet and flugelhorn, Sbibu percussions.
24bit/88.2kHz/40 Tracks digital recording made strictly-live-in-studio (with no digital editing) at Teatro Martinelli, Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy, on September 2008.

The Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica "Città di Verona" is a "super big band" formed by over 40 artists from the historic city of Verona. Founded in 1946 on the initiative of some musicians of the Verona symphony orchestra, it has evolved over the years towards a formidable jazz formation, conducted first by Mario Pezzotta and Renzo Nardini and, since 1995, by Marco Pasetto. In addition to the performance of music by great American authors such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Miles Davis, Pasetto proposed to the band the exploration of contemporary modern jazz tracks to be included in the repertoire and recorded on this CD, Born from the collaboration with the great pianist Roberto Magris, an artist universally known both as a performer and composer, with 17 albums to his credit. This album therefore represents the continuation of the predilection of the big band for the music of this artist, that the group performs and proposes for years.
With Restless Spirit, the conductor Marco Pasetto and the BBRS celebrate their friendship with Roberto Magris through the recording of his compositions. The recording was made in September 2008 at the Martinelli Theatre in Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy. A theater was chosen instead of a recording studio to get the sound quality of the live show.
In addition to Roberto Magris, the main guest, two other special guests have collaborated on this CD: the Italian trumpeter Massimo Greco and the percussion specialist Sbibu. The sound of the band, in evidence in this record, recalls the sound of great contemporary orchestras such as the renewed Netherland’s Metropole Orchestra, formed by 50 elements or that once produced by legendary groups such as the Woody Herman’s Thundering Herds or the Stan Kenton Orchestra. The robust brass section is supported by a section of twenty reeds capable of enthusing anyone.
Magris leads the rhythm and exposes eight vibrant original tracks that include a re-release of the "Blues for My Sleeping Baby", already included in the album Check-in, as well as an alternate-take of "Ambigous". The result is nine modern big-band arrangements and seventy minutes of refined, rhythmic sound.

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