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Velut Luna

QUATTRO - Baraonna

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01 - I Giardini d’Alhambra (F.Caporale/V.Caporale) 3:41
02 - Quattro  (V.Caporale) 3:19
03 - Le sei melagrane  (V.Caporale/F.Caporale) 4:03
04 - Stella  (D.Caporale) 3:45
05 - Il terzo fuochista  (R.Mascellino/ Tosca/M.Venturiello) 4:44
06 - Cha cha cianotico  (V.Caporale) 3:44
07 - Matera  (V.Caporale) 3:06
08 - Giratempo  (D.Caporale) 3:37
09 - Find Me  (D.Nisi) 4:06
10 - Minuetto (D.Baldan Bembo/F.Califano) 4:12

Total time: 38:32

Baraonna are Delio Caporale, Vito Caporale, Daphne Nisi, Eleonora Tosto.

Piano, Rhodes, keyboards and orchestrations : Vito Caporale
Bass: Pippo Matino
Drums and percussions: Andy Bartolucci
Guitars: Marco Sinopoli
Sax and flute: Alessandro Tomei

Recorded at Delta-Top Studio by Andy & Claudio Bartolucci and at MSMediaStudio by Marco Sinopoli,  in Roma, on August 2019.
Mixed and mastered by Marco Lincetto at Velut Luna in Casalserugo, on November 2019

Artistic production: Baraonna
Executive production: Marco Lincetto e Baraonna
Arrangements: Vito Caporale and Baraonna
Musical production: Vito Caporale
Cover art, design and Layout: L'Image
Photo: Giorgio Grimozzi, Gemma Goncalves

 Baraonna, Premio della Critica e Miglior Arrangiamento al festival di Sanremo. 

Collaborations in pop music, with Claudio Baglioni, Riccardo Cocciante, Renato Zero, Renato Carosone, Mario Lavezzi, Renzo Arbore, Pino Daniele, Paolo Conte, Mango, Fred Bongusto, Tullio De Piscopo. 
Nel teatro musicale con Pino Insegno, Claudio Insegno, Maurizio Battista, Michele Placido, Catherine Deneuve, Pippo Franco, Pierfrancesco Pingitore. 
In jazz music with Stefano Di Battista, Pippo Matino, Pietro Iodice, Alessandro Tomei, Andy Bartolucci, Gianni Savelli, Claudio Corvini, Marco Sinopoli, Antonio Iammarino, Lionel Hampton, Jean Paul Artero, Bernard Cesari, Roger Nikitoff, Maria Moreno. 

Festivals and concerts in several international stages, France, England, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, USA, UAE.

"QUATTRO" is the new CD by Baraonna (Velut Luna 2020). 10 tracks, of which seven songs completely unpublished, composed and arranged by Baraonna; a new version of the super award-winning Sanremo piece, "I giardini d'Alhambra" and two covers, "Minuetto" and "Il terzo fuochista" brought to success respectively by Mia Martini and Tosca. The arrangements are vocally polyphonic and contrapuntal, in Baraonna style (Delio Caporale, Vito Caporale, Daphne Nisi and Eleonora Tosto). The instrumental part sees: Pippo Matino, Neapolitan champion, on electric bass; the jazz creativity of Alessandro Tomei on sax and flute; the rhythmic brilliance of Andy Bartolucci, young Roman performer, who played drums and percussion; the expert guitars of Marco Sinopoli, son of the famous conductor; and finally the piano and keyboards of Vito Caporale, who also took care of the artistic direction of the album. The CD is articulated and enjoyable, varied in musical settings, with the common thread of vocal harmonizations. However, the strong expressive personalities of the four soloists Baraonna emerge, who are also authors and arrangers of the CD.
The album contains parts in Italian, Neapolitan, English, French and "Esperanto" of the south. The recordings were made in Rome at Delta Top studio and MSMedia studio. The completion of the mixing and the mastering were handled, in Padua, by Marco Lincetto, a lover of high quality sound.

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