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Velut Luna

PARMA - Hidden and Imaginary Landscapes

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Hidden and Imaginary Landscapes

01 Start Driving In The Rain 3:08
02 Lights In Our Valley  3:08
03 Parma  3:29
04 Unloading And Processing  3:20
05 Sounds Of A Mass  3:10
06 A Mysterious Mind  3:11
07 Antonio Bianchi Plays Piano  3:26
08 Glass Working Machinery  3:31
09 Emilia Route  3:11
10 City Nights Trough A Big Glass Window  3:48
11 Walk Under The Arcades  3:04
Vito Lafiandra, Composer & Perfomer
Massimo Scaccaglia, Sound  Designer
Recording and Mix at VLF Studio, Collecchio, Italy, on March 2021
Production: VELUT LUNA
Recording and Mix: Vito Lafiandra & Max Scaccaglia
Mastering: Marco Lincetto at Velut Luna Studio
Graphics and Layout: L'Image

"PARMA - Hidden and Imaginary Landscapes" starts from the surprise aroused by the soundscapes re-emerged due to the measures to counter and contain the Covid 19 virus.
Suddenly we found sonic environments disrupted by the lack of human traffic.
It is as if the sites had returned to breathing, reappropriating their original noises, the life connected to them, putting back on the comfortable clothes of their history.
This was an opportunity that could not be missed: we immediately tried to capture the breath of frequented, loved or significant places.
There were many attempts and elaborations, but we believe we have found a synthesis, both for the means used and for the intention expressed.
We have tried to elaborate "something" that can go beyond sound, engraving memory, allowing a projection that becomes connatural to the landscapes themselves, which will never be the same again.

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