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Velut Luna


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1. RONDINI 9’50”
Italy - R. Vigagni
Solos: Lorenzo Frizzera, guitar / Pepito Ros, alto sax
Special Guest: Stefan Milenkovic, violin
These are migratory birds,almost halved during the last twenty years. They live between Africa and Europe crossing the borderes with no need of passport: why man is not allowed to do this? It is a dance in 5/4.

2. FATTI NON FOSTE (...a viver come bruti,ma per seguir virtute e conoscenza)1’10”
Italy - R. Vigagni
Solo: Fiorenzo Zeni, tenor sax
This is Dante ’s first quotation and the leading theme as well. (Inferno-Canto XXVI)

3. ZEBEKIKO 6’17”
Greece - T. Bitaah
Solos: Luigi Grata, trombone / Giorgio Beberi, baritone sax / Paolo Trettel, trumpet
The origin Country is Greece, represented in this “noble ”folk dance. I have taken most of the passage from a song of Taykeria Bitaah, whose lyries talk of discomfort and disappointment about society.

Italy - R.Vigagni
Solo: Walter Civettini, fluegelhorn
Second quotation (the cyclicity of the vowels is remarkable); this is the very beginning of the wandering and the abandonment of the previous certainties. (Inferno-Canto XXVI)

Egypt - A.Sharara
Solo: Fiorenzo Zeni, soprano sax
This is the ancient region of the mysterious Egypt, where the musician deals with a dance from El Cairo, composed by Aattia Sharara.Originally the dance is performed with local musical instruments; our version turns out to be changed and enlivened with no philological restraints.

6. ONDE 2’01”
Italy - R. Vigagni
Solo: Pepito Ros, alto sax
It’s the renewal of the journey towards the former Yugoslavia

7. MAXUTU 5’21”
Macedonia - Kociani Orkestar
Solos: Luigi Grata, trombone / Walter Civettini, fluegelhorn / Fiorenzo Zeni, tenor sax / Stefano Chesini, flute / Lorenzo Frizzera, guitar / Giuliana Beberi, voice / Renzo Vigagni, keyboards
It’s the development of the theme of the Macedonian band (…). The Country, the citizens and the music are tragically marked by the ethnic rivalries. The lyrics quotes: “If you want peace don’t make war ready”. The Army thinks about it on the opposite way.

8. SIRENE 3’06”
Italy - R. Vigagni
Solos: Pepito Ros, sprano sax / Luigi Grata, trombone
Starting again his journey, Ulysses must withstand the charm of mass-media and trade temptations that may compromise his way to inner knowledge.

9. ALLERIA 4’29”
Italy - P. Daniele
Solos: Stefano Chesini, flute / Lorenzo Frizzera, acoustic guitar / Gianni Mascotti, fluegelhorn
Pino Daniele, Napoli, the sun and the feelings of the warm south: there’s so much beauty in the Mediterranean…

Italy - R. Vigagni
Solos: Luigi Grata, trombone / Fiorenzo Zeni, tenor sax
Third quotation with a great play of consonants. Inferno-Canto XXVI)

11. PINAR HONDO 5 ’47 ”
Spain - C.Dominguez
Solos: Lorenzo Frizzera, acoustic guitar / Renzo Vigagni, piano / Stefano Colpi, double bass
Spain,Andalusia, the Gypsies and the Arabs, flamenco dance:theme taken from the CD of Chano Dominguez “Echo a mano ”.

12. OLTRE IL SOGNO 9 ’58 ”
Italy - R.Vigagni
Solos: Pepito Ros,alto sax / Luigi Grata, trombone / Renzo Vigagni, piano / Fiorenzo Zeni, tenor sax /
Special guest: Stefan Milenkovic, violin
Passage based mainly on the two rhythmic cycles:21/4 and 17/4.After this trip Ulysses finds out that Itaca is not only a geographical place but a rich container of life experiences. And this symbolic place stands in the hearts of the people he met during his carthly stay.This musical excerpt actually embodies our real dreams honestly pursued by carthly sty. This musical excerpt actually embodies our rea dreams honestly pursued by Ilaria Alpi, RAI journalist murdered in Somalia. This passage is dedicated to her.

Thanks to A.T.A.S Onlus “ Associazione Trentina Accoglienza Stranieri”, per i brani “Nubian Dream” e “Maxutu”, a Clara Lotti e Maria Stoffella Fendros per il brano “Zebekiko”. Thanks to the musicians and all those who collaborated and believed in this project.New Project Jazz Orchestra

Renzo Vigagni, conductor, piano, keyboards
Stefan Milenkovic special guest, violin
Walter Civettini, Gianni Mascotti, trumpet,fluegelhorn
Paolo Trettel, Christian Stanchina, trumpet
Pepito Ros, alto sax, soprano sax
Enrico Dellatonio, alto sax
Fiorenzo Zeni, tenor sax, soprano sax
Luca Rubertelli, tenor sax
Giorgio Beberi, baritone sax
Luigi Grata, Mauro Piazzi, trombone
Peter Cazzanelli, bass trombone
Stefano Chesini, flute
Francesco Ciech, cello
Lorenzo Frizzera, guitars
Stefano Colpi, double bass
Carlo Alberto Canevali, drums, percussion
Giuliana Beberi, Luca Merlini, voice

Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Sound engineer: Marco Lincetto
Digital mix and mastering: Marco Lincetto / Fabio Framba
Critical notes: Giuseppe Calliari
Inside booklet photos: Giulio Malfer / Claudio Micheletti
Cover illustration: Michele Giovanazzi
Translations: Alessandra Sallustro
Layout: limage
Pr: Francesco Pesavento
Trading consultant: Yahir Wahl

Recording was made at “A. Rosmini” Theatre,Rovereto, Italy, on December 20/21th, 1999.

Using the ultimate and the most advanced digital technology:
6 tracks 24bit/96kHz PRISM SOUND DREAM AD2 / PRISM SOUND MR2024T / TASCAM DA38 16 tracks 24bit/48kHz TASCAM DA78HR (own AD converter) - Microphone amplifers on stage MILLENNIA MEDIA HV3, LAKE PEOPLE F35II - Microphones: SCHOEPS MK2s, MK2h, MK4v, MK21, SENNHEISER MKH 20, MKH 40, AKG C414ULS NEUMANN U87ai - Cables: DROMOS EOS - 24bit/96kHz mix and mastering workstation SONIC SOLUTIONS USP

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