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Velut Luna


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Riccardo Zegna (1,2,3)
Paolo Birro 
Antonio Zambrini 
Marcello Tonolo 

Oscar Del Barba 

Massimo Parente 

1. Rosetta (Zegna) 1:55

2. Tutto Troppo Presto (Ellington) 3:49

3. Sammy White (Zegna) 3:09

4. Spampanà (Birro) 4:07

5. Vegne (Birro) 6:58

6. Gaia (Zambrini) 6:34

7. Polvere Di Stelle (Carmichael/Parrocchia) 2:35

8. Verso Sera (Tonolo) 6:00

9. Improvviso N. 1 (Del Barba) 9:59

10. Tema Di Gio (Parente) 5:27

11. Al Palazzo Ducale (Parente) 6:03
Total Time, 57:09

JAZZ: original composition by R. Zegna, P. Birro, A. Zambrini, M. Tonolo, O. Del Barba, M. Parente, D. Ellington, H. Carmichel-M. Parish. Piano R. Zegna, P. Birro, A. Zambrini, M. Tonolo, O. Del Barba, M. Parente. Recording was made at Magister Area Studio, Preganziol, Italy. the piano was always the same Steinway & Sons Concert Grandpiano built in new York on 1930. 
A piano, a single piano, always the same, always positioned exactly in the same place, always taken with the same microphone set-up, always positioned exactly the same way and at the same distance. And then six of the best pianists, and authors, Italian jazz area (but not only): each called to perform ten minutes of music, in absolute creative freedom, without constraints of repertoire, just to express the best of their music world. All live and without any possibility of post-editing: strictly live, even in the studio and without audience.All in order to demonstrate, perhaps for the first time, how many differences (… Vive la difference!) there are in the sound of each individual performer compared to each other, once defined with scientific rigor, the same instrument always taken in the same identical way, even over the course of a few months. And how differently can play the same piano, when played by different artists, dispelling the myth that a Steinway always sounds equal to itself. Here then stand out the personality of every single pianist, never confused in the magmatic mass of instruments often inaccurate, different technical and environmental conditions, which too often end up homologating the sound of every single musician to that of many others.
Without respect for the art and study of each...

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