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Velut Luna


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1 - Le radici di una intolleranza, 4:42

2 - Vuoto pneumatico, 4:29

3 - My generation, 4:41

4 - Empi divi, 4:14

5 - Nuovi borghesi, 3:52

6 - Lettera dal natio borgo selvaggio, 4:53

7 - Fuoco, 5:33

total time: 32:28

This is a record that arises from the need of an intellectual, who is also an artist, a musician, to explore the malaise of today’s society, increasingly aimed at forcing humanity to a future oppressive individual freedoms and critical thinking, dystopian deep down: a future that is actually already there.

Antonello Cresti then presents his own path of analysis of his own matured intolerance, which ends up indicating common criteria to all people still endowed with free thought and yearning for true freedom, in an ideal democratic society, increasingly elusive image in the mists of totalitarianism, ideals and actual, today increasingly dominant.

Regarding the compositional style, we report the words of the author himself:

"Since I never liked to take myself too seriously, and since I learned from Battiato the technique of quotationism, all these songs are crossed by references to the "sound space" of my adolescence, and references emerge to Carmen Consoli, Bluvertigo, Litfiba, and again Sex Pistols, Manu Chao, or the same Battiato...

These six songs may not contain the me of today, but it is certain that I contain them. And it is a beautiful sense of continuity"

Texts and music by Antonello Cresti, except "Fuoco" (lyrics and music by Claudio Rocchi)
Arrangements: Frankie Giordano e Antonello Cresti

Antonello Cresti: voice
Frankie Giordano: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, sam.ples
G/Ab Volgar: reciter in "Lettera dal natio borgo selvaggio"
Carmen D'Onofrio: reciter in "Vuoto pneumatico"
Enrica Perucchietti: reciter in "My generation"

Artistic production: Frankie Giordano

Executive production: Marco Lincetto

Mixing: Stefano De Luca and Frankie Giordano

Mastering: Marco Lincetto

Recorded between July and October 2023 at Frankie Home Studio by Frankie GiordanoDesign: Francesco Gori 

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