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Velut Luna


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KD (CVLD331)

1 - Dorham's Epitaph,  1:40

2 - Monaco,  6:02

3 - None Shall Wander,  5:32

4 - Lotus Blossom,  6:01

5 - La Mesha,  5:46

6 - Jazz-classic,  6:09

7 - Sunset, 5:04

8 - Blues Elegante,  5:05

 Tot. Time:  41:24 


All compositions by Kenny Dorham

 Lorenzo De Luca, sax

Martino De Franceschi, double bass

Marcello Abate, guitar

Marco Soldà, drums


88.2kHz / 24bit digital recording made at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol- Italy,  on January 5, 2021


Production: VELUT LUNA

Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto

Balance recording engineer: Marco Lincetto

Pro Tools operator: Andrea Valfrè

Mix and Mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto

Photo: Marco Lincetto

Design and layout: L'Image

This album also makes use of the financial contribution of the LPM PROJECT, born from an act of private patronage and aimed at supporting the start of professional activity of young excellent among the undergraduates and graduates from the State Conservatories of Music of Veneto.

Kenny Dorham (differently from his almost contemporary Miles Davis) is often enclosed in the category of the undervalued musicians, despite a really intensive career. Indeed, in particular in his latter period – he died in 1972 – his life has not been easy.

An aspect that characterises and dignifies KD (as he is called by jazz players) is his activity as a composer: there are more than sixty pieces he has written, all interesting, flowing and at times, particularly lyric. Many of his compositions have become part of the contemporary jazz repertoire and this CD is a demonstration of it.

Lorenzo, Marcello, Martino and Marco’s energy and creativity show as it is possible to give an absolutely contemporary version of KD’s works, without date, fully respecting the author’s original idea. Long live KD!

Pietro Tonolo

When we were suggested to perform a homage to Kenny Dorham’s music, we took the opportunity with both enthusiasm and curiosity. The result has been the result of our various experiences as a group (shared in both academic and artistic field) as well as of our musical background, from which we drew in the reinterpretation of a repertoire full of fascinating colours and sounds. As a matter of fact, we chose the pieces that were nearer to our sensitivity, a few times turning away from the trumpet player’s original idea. 

Afrocentric sonorities, blues reminiscences and delicate lyrism find their common denominator in the typical elements of bebop, providing us with a rich material on which it is possible to work without upsetting its essence. Facing a monographic work on a prolific author such as KD has been a stimulating experience: contributing to a discographic project in a period when meetings are rare, has represented a challenge for us, making us test how to produce an album as close as possible to a live performance.

Lorenzo, Marcello, Marco, Martino

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