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Velut Luna

In A Life - Vito Lafiandra

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In A Life (CVLD358)

Vito Lafiandra, Composer & Performer

1 Remembering You, 5:45
2 Live Fast, 6:55
3 Far In Time, 14:28

Total time: 27:06
Composer, Performer, Recording And Mix: Vito Lafiandra in VLF STUDIO Collecchio, Italy, October 2022
Mastering: Marco Lincetto at Velut Luna Studio, Naquera, Valencia, Spain, March 2023
Layout: Marco Lincetto

Velut Luna continues his collaboration with composer, pianist, concept artist Vito Lafiandra in the path of exploration of new sound worlds, characterized by new sounds, sometimes hypnotic, starting from the grand piano of Master Lafiandra, virtually reworked to arrive at something new and hitherto unexplored.
Today we live with the conceptual ideas of Vito Lafiandra a new phase of ambient music, where the environment acquires a decisive importance in our lives, as seen in the previous work "Parma".

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