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Velut Luna

HEART/STRINGS - Lucia Minetti

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Lucia Minetti, voce 

1 - Memories (Oscar del Barba - Stefano Bortolussi)  3:21
2 - Rencontre (Oscar del Barba - Luca Ragagnin)  2:13
3 - Lullaby (Oscar del Barba - Enrico Remmert)  4:18
4 - So Look at me (Oscar del Barba -Francesca Tini Brunozzi)  4:15
5 - Per sempre naviganti (Oscar del Barba - Giuseppe Grattacaso)  4:24
6 - In The Whisper of Sighs (Oscar del Barba - Stefano Valanzuolo)  3:33
7 - I Will (Oscar del Barba - Stefano Bortolussi)  3:48
8 - Il nostro amor (Oscar del Barba - Dario Voltolini)  4:07
9 - Highway of the mind (Oscar del Barba - Stefano Bortolussi )  3:48
10 - In volo (Oscar del Barba - Giuseppe Grattacaso)  4:49
11 - Como um tormento ( Oscar del Barba - Marco Bortoli)  4:17
12 - Il ponte (Oscar Del Barba - Dario Voltolini)  3:28
       Tot. time:  46:29

Original music & arrangements: Oscar del Barba
Poems: Stefano Bortolussi, Marco Bortoli, Giuseppe Grattacaso, Luca Ragagnin, Enrico Remmert, Francesca Tini Brunozzi, Stefano Valanzuolo, Dario Voltolini.

Lucia Minetti, voice
Quartetto Echos
Andrea Maffolini e Ida Di Vita, violins
Giorgia Lenzo, viola
Martino Maina, cello

24bit / 88.2kHz original recording, made strictly live in studio at Area Magister Studios, Preganziol, Italy, on July, 31 and August 1, 2019
Marco Lincetto choose all tube microphones Ribera R12 and R47

Production: Velut Luna
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical Producers: Lucia Minetti & Marco Lincetto
Recording, mix and mastering: Marco Lincetto
Wordmaster (editing & English translations): Stefano Bortolussi
Translation "Como um tormento": Juliana Folle Beraldo
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Photo Oscar del Barba: Roberto Cavalli
Design: L'Image

When I proposed the idea for this album to Oscar del Barba and Stefano Bortolussi, I knew that I was dealing with a composer of rare refinement and creativity and with a poet in whose versesmusicality is an essential element. I knew, in short, that in them I would have two companions of adventures in perfect harmony with what I had in mind: something new and at the same time a return to the origins. 
Stefano and I have collected, in addition to his three original contributions in English, the texts of some of the best Italian poets and writers of these years. I wanted to be a sort of inspiring muse for them, asking them to dedicate their verses to the great themes of love, desire, longing and memory, and contributing in turn with insights, variants and suggestions. We molded and polished the words entrusted to us, where certainimages that I am particularly fond of — such as the seas and our travels upon them — are deliberately recurrent. Then we entrusted the words in Oscar's masterful hands, and he set them to music and created the score for string quartet, chiseling his notes around the verses with great skill and inspiration.
But above all I experimented, sang and interpreted, following an idea of song that would break away and take flight from any convention; and Stefano and Oscar listened and made their suggestions with an open mind. The result, we are convinced, is for once faithful to our original intent: that of resuming the connections between song and poetry, now too often sacrificed on the false altars of easy rhymes and catchiness.

In this journey I found an ideal travel companion in the EchosQuartet a young group overflowing with enthusiasm, talent, passion and curiosity towards crossover projects.
All this, as always, has been ensured by the great mastery of Marco Lincetto behind the console and by his precious support as a record producer.
This, then, is our idea of canto libero. Or perhaps I should say "one of our ideas", since I have the feeling that many more will follow.

Lucia Minetti

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