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Velut Luna


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Furious Dance(CVLD343)

(crossover orchestra)

1. Divlji tanac  (Furios Dance)  3:01 
Dubravko Palanović
2. Sjećam se Plavog trnaca  (I remember the Blue Orchard)  4:24
3. U očima led i sjaj  (Ice and Shine in Eyes)  3:26
4. Mistični putevi Istre (Mystical Ways of Istria)  4:35
5. Tvoji snovi  (Your Dreams)  5:06
6. Drmeš  6:27
7. Za pjesmu volje nemam  (No  Desire For a Song)  5:01
8. Stari tanci (Old Dances)  5:40
9. Izvor  (Springhead)  2.50
Srdjan Berdović
10. Interlude  0:49
Stanislav Muškinja
11. Četri lita i četri zime  (Four Summers and Four Winters)  4:09
12. Nokturno  ( Nocturno)  5:49
13. Kamene zvijezde  (Stone Stars)  3:10
Total Time: 54:34
All compositions and arrangments by Dubravko Palanović, except for tracks 9 and 10 by Srdjan Berdović and track 10 by Stanislav Muškinja
Dani Bošnjak, flute, alto flute
Branko Mihanović, oboe, english horn
Nikola Fabijanić, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Mario Čopor, piano
Stanislav Muškinja, drums and percussion
Marco Graziani ,violin 1
Val Bakrač,violin 2
Aleksandar Jakopanec, viola
Petar Kovačić, violoncello
Dubravko Palanović,  double bass
88.2kHz/24bit original recording made at Magister Recording Area, Preganziol, Italy,
on August 29, 30, 2021
Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Balance recording engineer: Marco Lincetto
Recording and mix engineer: Andrea Valfrè
Mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Graphics and layout: L'Image
Critical text: Davor Merkaš

The sound universe of compositions by the young Croatian composer Dubravko Palanović (1977 *) is marked not only by the phenomenon of musical crossover, as a kind of generational determinant, but especially by its great receptive power, its ability to absorb and assimilate various musical influences, styles and genres, but above all and quite crucially by mastering the skill of a classically educated composer. All this enabled him to transcend the boundaries of a mere "stylistic alloy" which today (already almost "mechanically") is defined from a deeper meaning by the already over-used notion of world music. Upon closer acquaintance, Palanović's music, although at first seemingly consisting of several recognizable elements, offers an exceptional amount of its own, original, and succinct tonal substance. For example, his compositions on this sound carrier bear the stamp of several Croatian micro-regions (geographically very close, but still so special, specific and rich in diversity): the traditional music of Dalmatia or the Dalmatian hinterland (Kamene zvijezde – Stone Stars), of Istria with its harsh sounds of exotic sopelas  (Mistični putevi Istre - Mystical Ways of Istria), lovely songs from the surroundings of Zagreb (Sjećam se “Plavog trnaca” - I Remember the Blue Blackthorn), or the cheerful and radiant Slavonian spirit (Drmeš).
The whole album is characterized by a wealth of contrast: atmospheres of intense movement alternate with meditative states, momentary excitements and outbursts of hot passion bursting with energy with sudden relaxations and escapes into contemplation, tonal images of intimate states in which musicians reveal their deepest secrets in the language of music with very extrovert musical expressions full of good vibes. The album Furious dance is a journey into the unknown; full of excitement and new, yet unimagined musical landscapes, which are worth discovering, and full of music that moves and inspires and that will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.
Davor Merkaš

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