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Velut Luna

FLUTE CONCERTOS - Enzo Caroli Lucia Visentin

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Enzo Caroli, Flute - Lucia Visentin, First violin and conductor Orchestra GAV

Saverio Mercadante (1795 - 1870) 19:58 Concerto in Mi minore per flauto e orchestra d'archi (revisione di Agostino Girard)

01 Allegro maestoso 9:26

02 Largo 3:53

03 Rondò russo (Allegro vivace scherzando) 6:39

Johann Joachim Quantz (1697 - 1773) 17:71 Flute Concerto in G Major

04 Allegro 6:30

05 Arioso (Mesto) 6:41

06 Presto 5:00 Carl Stamiz (1745 - 1801) 19:00 Konzert fur Flote in G-Dur Opus 29

07 Allegro 9:03

08 Andante non troppo moderato 4:28

09 Rondo (Allegro) 5:29

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710- 1736) 12:40 Concerto in sol maggiore per flauto, archi e basso continuo

10 Spiritoso 4:24

11 Adagio 4:49

12 Allegro spiritoso 3:27

Tot. Time: 69:54

24bit/88.2kHz original recording made at Magister Area Studios, Preganziol, Italy, on August 2017

Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producer and editing engineer: Mattia Zanatta
Recording, mix and mastering: Marco Lincetto
Design and layout: L'Image
Text: Anna Tonini
Photo: Mirella La Rosa

The flute concertos presented in this recording propose a central section of the flute repertoire, the one dedicated to the classical form, composed between the second half of the 18th century and the first of the 19th, gallant style, have, in this choice, the singular characteristic of being all in G major, except for the concerto by Mercadante, which is composed in the sound carpet of the relative minor, I note minor. Divided into three parts they follow the usual pattern of a cheerful and denser first tempo, a more lyrical and cantabile second and a lively and technically brilliant third tempo. A theme entrusted to the orchestra has the task of opening, after a few bars, the curtain to the protagonist, the flute precisely, which reaffirms the tonality and begins to "play" pointing the lighthouse on the skill and generosity of the performer.

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