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Velut Luna

FIL ROUGE - Lucia Minetti

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Lucia Minetti, voce / Andrea Zani, pianoforte / Ensemble “La Foule”

1 Non, rien de rien (Michel Vaucaire-Charles Dumont) 3:20
Mon homme (My man) (Albert Willemetz & Jacques Charles-Maurice Yvain) 3:46
3 Avec le temps (Léo Ferré) 4:14
4 Tous les visages de l’amour (She) (Charles Aznavour-Herbert Kretzmer) 5:25
5 Ne me quitte pas (If you go away) (Jacques Brel) 4:30
6 La mer (Somewhere beyond the sea) (Charles Trenet) 4:47
7 Jardin d’hiver (Benjamin Biolay-Karen Ann) 3:33
8 Chanson des vieux amants (Jacques Brel) 4:15
9 Je ne sais pas dire je t’aime (Barbara) 4:55
10 Le tourbillon de la vie / La vie s’envole (Serge Rezvani) 2:51
11 Litanies pour un retour (Jacques Brel) 2:50
12 La foule (Michel Rivgauche-Angel Cabral) 3:35
13 India song (Marguerite Duras-Carlos D’Alessio) 3:38
14 La vie en rose (Edith Piaf-Louiguy) 4:13
15 Milord (Georges Moustaki-Marguerite Monnot) 5:28
Total Time 61:29

Production Velut Luna
Executive producer Marco Lincetto
Musical producer and editing Mattia Zanatta
Recording, mix and mastering Marco Lincetto
Design Limage

Front and back cover photos by Massimo Forchino
Inside booklet:
Lucia Minetti photos by Daniele Bricalli
Oscar del Barba photo by Alberto Reina
Andrea Zani photo by Tommaso Ferigo
Ensemble on stage photos by Marco Lincetto

Andrea Zani, piano (tracks 3,5,7,9,10,11,13,14)

Ensemble “La Foule” (tracks 1,2,4,6,8,12,15)
Cecilia Franchini, orchestra leader and piano
Elio Orio, first violin
Francesco Mardegan, second violin
Francesca Marino, viola
Veronica Nava Puerto, cello
Giancarlo Pavan, doublebass
Salvatore Baronilli, clarinet
Mattia Marangon, horn
Lucrecia Fernandez, bassoon
Riccardo Nicolin, percussions

“Lucia Minetti and her enchanting voice are back: this great interpreter and her unique timbre so intense and elegant fascinate in the brand new album “Fil Rouge” a touching story about love, full of charm, lyricism and poetry.”

Lucia Minetti is an esteemed singer, famous for her elegance, artistic flair and thrilling voice. She is the favorite solo artist of many great authors of jazz music, classical or contemporary music; songwriters and theater directors who have dedicated her songs, lyrics and works. Lucia Minetti marks her artistic interests on the song form drawing new poetic shades to classical and pop music thanks to her intense personal interpretation and vocal evolutions .

I personally think that the distinction between art music and popular music is now completely outdated. It is much more effective to distinguish the music into beautiful music or bad one, rather than by gender. It is not enough to be born in the 18th century to be considered an interesting author, in fact some of them have been completely forgotten. Recovery operations of alleged masterpieces of the past are sometimes dictated by philological or musicologist intent _ therefore scientific _ rather than artistic. This album, instead, proposes a very valuable repertoire of great artistic and emotional impact, that of the French Chansonniers of the Twentieth Century, representing a very important chapter in the history of music thanks to their ability to create a kind of bohémien lifestyle with an element of political commitment and of social criticism, always expressed with poetic style (M.Priore’s quotation). This is the reason why many academics affirm that the student protests of 1968 could begin only in France. I believe that this beautiful CD, will be appreciated by cultured persons and will inspire the younger generation, today more than ever at risk of flattening, on how to search for and find a new sensibility, a renewed zest for life and a deep awareness that “Freedom is participation “. My sincere congratulations to Lucia Minetti, without a doubt one of the best interpreters of the songwriters on the world stage, and a proud thanks to the teachers and students of the Padua Conservatory “C. Pollini” who have made a contribution of great elegance and musicality to the realization of Fil Rouge.
Leopoldo Armellini, Director of the Conservatory C. Pollini of Padua

Thank you very much first of all to Marco Lincetto and Leopoldo Armellini who have made this work possible. Thanks to Andrea Zani, a talented musician and a wonderful person; thanks to all the young musicians of the Pollini Conservatory of Padua, extraordinary new companions. Thanks to Oscar Del Barba for his generosity and writing sensitiveness. Thanks to Stefania Marchesi for her precious support. Thanks to Massimo Forchino, Daniele Bricalli, Tommaso Ferigo and Alberto Reina for their contributions. But thank you, above all, to Christian and our little son Leo, who are my beloved source of inspiration and emotion. Now and forever. I dedicate this album to them.
Lucia Minetti

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