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Velut Luna

CROSSING - Caterina Bergo Paola Donato

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01. Turodo Nacto
02. Sonata per due arpe Allegro con spirito
03. Sonata per due arpe Adagio espressivo
04. Sonata per due arpe Allegro scorrevole
05. Progetto per una notte di stelle
06. Ariete
07. Pesci
08. Nia m'è restà, Blues
09. Birdy
10. New Age Clouds
11. Gavotta in rondò per due arpe
12. Improvviso
13. Here, There and Everywhere

Total time: 1:02:05


Production: VELUT LUNA

Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto

Artistic Producer: Caterina Bergo

Recording, Mix & mastering: Marco Lincetto & Matteo Costa

Editing: Matteo Costa

Cover Photo: Marco Lincetto

Layout & Design: L'Image

CLASSICAL Caterina Bergo, arpa, Paola Donato arpa. High Definition digital recording 24bit / 96KHz. at Magister Studio, Preganziol, Italy, on Novembre 2005.

The harp is certainly one of the most fascinating and magical classical instruments, able to evoke atmospheres and situations really special and full of strong and unforgettable emotions. Caterina Bergo perfectly embodies the icon of the great interpreter of this instrument: very young, but already with great musical experience, beautiful and elegant, she manages during her concerts to communicate the emotion of Music like few other performers. And for his debut album Velut Luna wanted to organize a kind of unique musical event, which today very few other record labels in the world have the strength and credibility to realize. In essence, Marco Lincetto contacted some of the most representative Italian composers of the moment and asked them to write some music specifically for Caterina and her debut album! Ecco quindi personalità  come Nicola Campogrande, Emilio Galante, Oscar Del Barba, Sergio Cossu, Fabrizio Castania, ed ancora Adriano Lincetto, Ferrero e Tutino con brani non scritti appositamente per questo disco, ma in prima registrazione mondiale. Si tratta di una musica nuova che difficilmente può essere etichettata sotto un genere preciso: essa infatti si pone come sintesi perfetta della tradizione classica (Campogrande and Castania) but also of the more modern spirit of rock and blues (Galante), without disdaining the styles of jazz and more refined pop (Del Barba and Cossu). Finally, it is very important to underline how in any case we are in front of a musical program enjoyable, easy and of immediate grip on anyone who has the good fortune to listen to it. And what about the recording? Made within the magical walls of the great Studio Magister is perhaps able to present for the first time a truly complete harp sound, rich, symphonic stature, even: mastered with VLHD technique by Marco Lincetto and Matteo Costa.

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