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Velut Luna


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Twenty for Hours


CD/FILE n. 1
1) 77 (Words Paolo Lippe-Antonio Paparelli, Music Antonio Paparelli-Paolo Lippe-Marco Lippe- Paolo Sorcinelli): 7:34
2) Broken Song (Words and Music Paolo Lippe): 6:18
3) Embryo (Words and Music Roger Waters): 5:44
4) What Use (Words and Music Steven Brown-Blaine L. Reininger-Peter Principle): 3:50
5) All The World Needs is Love (Words and music Paolo Lippe-Elena Lippe): 6:41
6) Intertwined (Words Elena Lippe, Music Paolo Lippe-blaine L. Reininger): 7:05
7) Urban Sinkhole (Words Elena Lippe, Music Paolo Lippe- Antonio Paparelli-Marco Lippe): 10:01

CD/FILE n. 2
1) Adrian (Words Paolo Lippe-Antonio Paparelli, Music Antonio Paparelli-Paolo Lippe-Marco Lippe-Paolo Sorcinelli): 6:18
2) Supper’s Rotten (Words Paolo Lippe, Music Antonio Paparelli-Paolo Lippe-Marco Lippe): 15:25
3) The Tale of The Holy Frog (Words Elena Lippe, Music Paolo Lippe-Antonio Paparelli-Marco Lippe-Paolo Sorcinelli): 4:34
4) She’s Our Sister (Words Elena Lippe, Music Paolo Lippe-E.Lippe- Antonio Paparelli-Marco Lippe): 6:49

Digital and Analog recording and mix made at Areamagister Studios by Andrea Valfrè on December 2017 - April 2018 - Analog and Digital Mastering made at Velut Luna Studios by Marco Lincetto on May 2018

The band collaborate with the founding members of the Tuxedomoon Blaine L. Reininger and Steven Brown in this new album. Blaine has already played and sung in a song called "Intertwined", while Steven plays saxophone in the song "All The World Needs is Love". The new album, entitled "Close - Lamb - White - Walls" will be published in October 2018 and will contain 2 different covers (electronic and acoustic) of the famous song by Tuxedomoon "What Use" together with a cover of the lost old song of Pink Floyd Embryo in a sort of Medley.
Twenty Four Hours is an Italian progressive rock band with various influences, including the psychedelic one that is the predominant element. After their first album, strongly encouraged by Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond) and entitled "The Smell of The Rainy Air", a self -produced vinyl in January 1991 (published on the day after the outbreak of the Gulf War), the group has acquired a certain notoriety thanks to the welcome of specialized music critics signaled the debut of the band among the best releases of 1991. 
In 1992, following this small and unexpected success, the band was hired by Mellow Records of Sanremo, a label specializing in progressive rock, and later by the French label Musea. In 1994, Mellow published the second album, "Intolerance," and reprinted The Smell Of The Rainy Air on CD.
 In 1999, Musea published the third album, Oval Dreams, which became their best seller  and is also available on iTunes, the popular Apple platform for online sales of liquid music. The band has also participated in some compilations of Progressive Rock and has published, under Creative Commons, a collection of previously unreleased tracks titled Before and After The Boundary. The band's latest album, The Sleepseller, was published in 2004 in collaboration with Musea who oversaw the distribution. The first track of this album, "Bari Brazil," was recently selected as the soundtrack of the video communications agency Mirror. 
All works of the band are available for legal download, and can be purchased in CD format by Musea, Mellow  and Velut Luna. 
Full Bio:

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