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Velut Luna


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Concert For Harpsichord and Orchestra in D Minor BWV 1052a
Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord
1 - Allegro, 7:43
2 - Adagio, 7:59
3 - Allegro, 8:32
Concert For Harpsichord and Orchestra in G Minor BWV 1056a
Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord
4 - Allegro, 3:42
5 – Adagio, 2:38
6 - Presto, 4:27
Concert For Flute, Violin, Harpsichord and Orchestra in D Major BWV 1050a
Francesco Padovani, flute, Federico Guglielmo, violin, Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord
7 – Allegro, 8:28
8 – Adagio, 6:14
9 - Allegro, 5:26

tot. time: 55:16

Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord

L’Arte dell’Arco
Federico Guglielmo, Gianpiero Zanocco, violins
Mario Paladin, viola
Francesco Galligioni, cello
Alessandro Pivelli, double bass

24bit/88.2kHz original recording made at Abbazia di Santa Maria delle Carceri, Main Hall, Carceri (Italy), 
on November 11, 12, 2019

The recording was made by Marco Lincetto, using the very special and custom VLR Sound Recording System, including pure analog devices such as Rupert Neve Design Mic Preamplifiers 5024 and Analog  Summing Mixer SATELLITE 5059, Ribera R12 Vacuum Tube Microphones and the ADC Prism Sound AD2 Dream

Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Balance, recording, mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producer: Mattia Zanatta
Editing engineer: Michele Sartor
Critical text: Myriam Guglielmo
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Cover design concept and layout: L'Image

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