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Velut Luna

Trios - Mauo Negri, Simone Guiducci

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Trios (CVLD357)

Mauro Negri - Simone Guiducci

1 - Gramelot per due (S. Guiducci) 2:21

Mauro e Simone

2 - Yul (M. Negri) 7:18

Mauro e Simone, Achille Succi, bass clarinet

3 - Filastrocca per Martina (S. Guiducci) 8:35

Mauro e Simone, Carlo Cantini, violin

4 - Genéve (M. Negri) 7:34

Mauro e Simone, Marco Remondini, cello

5 - Al Saltafos (S. Guiducci) 8:12

Mauro e Simone, Fausto Beccalossi, accordion

6 - Squirrel (M. Negri) 1:38

Mauro e Simone, Andrea Lease, french horn

7 - Canzone (S. Guiducci) 6:07

Mauro e Simone, Alan Farrington, voice

8 - Mezzocolpo (M. Negri) 5:35

Mauro e Simone, Luigi Sabanelli, bassoon

9 - Nocturne (D. Reinhart) 7:25

Mauro e Simone

Tot. Time: 54:50

48kHz/20bit Digital and Analog original recording, made at Teatreno, in Mantova (Italy), on May 26, 27, 1998, using ADC Lexicon 20/20 and Hi-8 Tascam DA78HR and RTR TEAC C2-B

ANALOG remastering made at Velut Luna Studio in Naquera (Spain), on February 2023

Marco Lincetto use a perfect analog mastering system, based upon:

Rupert Neve Design 5059 Summing Mixer / Maselec MLA-2, compressor / Maselec MEA-2, eq / Maselec MPL-2, limiter

Studer A-810, open reel tape recorder / Prism Sound AD-2 Dream, state-of-the-art ADC for new HD files

Production: VELUT LUNA

Executive producer: Marco Lincetto

Mix and original mastering: Marco Lincetto

Photo: Marco Lincetto

Design and layout: L'Image

This music was born from a "rib" of jazz and then developed into something remarkably original and very Italian. The core of the project is obviously based upon the extraordinary Simone Guiducci and Mauro Negri duo (already accomplices in many other adventures, such as the Trapezomantilo). Around them rotate alternately some guests with instruments not very frequent in jazz, such as bassoon, horn, cello, etc.

The compositions, all by Negri and Guiducci, are very beautiful and functional to the various timbral combinations that result from the alternation of musicians. This gives rise to a series of paintings with very different colors, almost a small gallery of very vivid portraits, some unforgettable, rich in freshness and inventiveness.

Enrico Rava

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