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Velut Luna


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01 - La Dosolina - Eddy Serafini,  2:44
02 - Gran Dio del Cielo - Armando Franceschini,  3:09
03 - ‘Ndormenzete popin - Erika Eccli,  2:42
04 - E col cifolo del vapore - Nikos Betti,  3:22
05 - La sposa morta - Marco Uvietta,  2:20
06 - Il Maritino - Armando Franceschini,  2:04
07 - La Madonnina - Camillo Moser e Italo Varner,  2:10
08 - La casa del mio bèn - Armando Franceschini,  1:38
09 - Ninna Nanna - Eddy Serafini,  1:59
10 - L’è tre ore che son chi sotto - Erika Eccli,  1:23

88.2kHz / 24bit original digital recording made at Areamagister Studios, Preganziol (Italy) on December, 28, 29, 2019

Production: Velut Luna
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical Producer: Marco Lincetto & Barbara Bertoldi
Recording, Mix & Mastering Enegineer: Marco Lincetto
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Design & Layout: L'Image

Costantino Nigra published in 1888 the "Canti popolari del Piemonte", using for the first time an ethnological, comparative and dialectological approach to Italian popular poetry. It is a long, passionate search, in the field of "truly popular songs, that is without knowing the author, those songs that are heard in the fields, in the stables, births of peasant poets", as he writes in a letter to a Sardinian scholar Nigra’s father-in-law, Nigra, Giovenale Vegezzi Ruscalla.
The new research methodology was born with Nigra, which was first the area of study and work of writers and philologists, mainly Tuscan.From these studies it follows that the popular song, if it is of anonymous author as regards writing, is however well identifiable as a diffusion area. And it is also clearly visible the historical trace that the text makes through the modifications to which it is subject over the years, if not centuries.
The themes cover the whole life of man and woman, narrating work, leisure, love, mourning and war. They are texts, like those reported in the present CD, strongly dialectal, proper of the area of northern Italy, with diffusion also in France, Provence, Catalonia and Portugal.
Then, as is typical of the popular narrative, it is varied and adapted to different situations and times, without changing the narrative structure, so that you can always, or almost, go back to the original text. The songs of this CD, chosen by the musician interpreter and re-harmonized for cello and voice by composers friends and colleagues, bring the narrative back to its most truthful representation, when the performer was not a chorus, but one or at most two voices, accompanied by an instrument, guitar or violin, played very often by ear.
The accompaniment of the cello gives a refined and unpublished look in the vast field of popular song performances. The re-harmonizations proposed by the various composers make the narrative varied and different, depending on the different sensibilities,  while respecting the primitive harmonization.

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