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Velut Luna

RIFLESSI IN CONTRASTO - Tiziana Cappellino

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1 - Occhi velati (Tiziana Cappellino) 8:46
2 - La voglia e la pazzia (Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, Sergio Bardotti) 5:13
3 - Insolita luce azzurra (Piero Piccioni) 6:41
4 - Da sola sott'acqua (Tiziana Cappellino) 7:51
5 - Ninna Nanna per Nicolò (Tiziana Cappellino) 4:05
6 - Caffè alla finestra (Tiziana Cappellino) 4:53
7 - Ritratto in bianco e nero (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Giorgio Calabrese) 8:13
Total Time: 45:45

Tiziana Cappellino, voice and piano
Javier Girotto, soprano sax and flutes
Alessandro Maiorino, double bass and electric bass
Mattia Barbieri, drums and percussions

24bit/48kHz Original Digital Recording made at Only Music Studio, in Bruino, Italy, on October 2016, using: Pro Tools DAW.
Analog Mix and Mastering made at Velut Luna Studio, in Casalserugo, Italy on March 2017 using: Prism Sound DA-8HR Multitrack DAC --> Neve 88 analog console --> 24bit/88.2kHz stereo ADC Prism Sound AD2 Dream --> Magix Sequoia DAW, for the 24bit/88.2 Original Stereo Digital Master

Production: Velut Luna
Executive producers: Marco Lincetto and Tiziana Cappellino
Musical producer: Tiziana Cappellino
Recording Sound Engineer: Carlo Miori (Only Music Studio)
Mix and Mastering Sound Engineer: Marco Lincetto (Velut Luna Studio)
Design and layout: L'Image
Tiziana Cappellino's cover and inside photos: Ugo Bellardone
Alessandro Maiorino's photo: Rita Bernardi
Mattia Barbieri's photo: Leonardo Schiavone
Javier Girotto's photo: Fabio Orlando

Reflections in contrast. Voice and piano. Jazz and Latin music, slightly embracing the tango, but not only. What emerges is a set of reflections of what has been, of what is, of what is yet to be born. These are nuances, in contrast on several fronts. Certainly notes that clash with what today is wisely imposed by the record market and by society in general. Then there is a personal contradiction, from which flows the style of the original compositions and arrangements. In these seven pieces echo years of the most disparate human, artistic, professional experiences... of those that lead you from the darkness of melancholy to the darkest anger, from fragile insecurity to veiled requests for help, up to an unexpected and intoxicating explosion of joy and beauty. A very wide range of dynamics for contrasting but sincere emotions and music, with no filters and no desire for consensus. Everything is balanced by the unique sound of Javier who, together with the rhythm section, interprets and enhances the melody in every step of the creative process.

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