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Velut Luna

PLANETARIUM - Gianni Pirollo, Luca Rossetti, Beppe Gioacchini

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Original compositions by Gianni Pirollo

Gianni Pirollo, clarinet and alto clarinet

Luca Rossetti, piano

Beppe Gioacchini, percussions

Aldo Lucchini, doublebas


1 - Planetarium 6:41

2 - Prisma I 13:23

3 - Prisma II 15:45

4 - Astrea 7:44

5 - Ebe 3:17

6 - Stasi 5:15

7 - Epicentro 6:24

Tot. Time: 58:34

24Bit / 96 kHz Digital Recording. Live in studio at Studio Papillons (Padova, Italy) February, 2000

Production: VELUT LUNA

Executive producer: Marco Lincetto

Remastering: Marco Lincetto

Photo: Renzo Bertasi

Design and layout: L'Image

So the authors describe their work. "It’s a music in search of clarity, melody, softness, inner harmony just like the gravitation of the planets to which in many titles the author refers. It may therefore be that the enchantment of pure melody can give way to improvisational paroxysm (Prisma), or that the staticity of a theme implies within itself a centripetal swirl that takes it outside itself (Epicenter)..."

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