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Velut Luna

PANGEA - Oscar Del Barba Trio & Xavier Girotto

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  • 1 Paesaggi dal cielo
  • 2 Cavalli
  • 3 Memoria
  • 4 Cacatoa
  • 5 Little Song
  • 6 Essenza
  • 7 Lamento
  • 8 Balanco
  • 9 Sera

    Often a work is dedicated by its creator to a person. I intend to dedicate this music to Nature and pay tribute to it. What we are experiencing is a difficult period for the environment: in fact, this is being put to the test by the destruction perpetrated by man and, if at one time nature has tried to recover quickly from the wounds, now it seems that the burden has become really unbearable. We must realize this fact, waking up from the indifference caused by the stress caused by the kind of life that has been imposed on us (dedicated to work and the most unbridled gain). One of the systems that can help us recover the dormant instinct and respect for nature (like what the American Indians had or that we can still see in some non-Western peoples) is to develop a greater sensitivity towards art and especially music. With Pangea I want to give my contribution to this cause hoping to succeed in the difficult intent of getting this message to as many people as possible.
    Oscar Del Barba, Brescia, March 2003

    Production: Velut Luna
    Producers: M. Lincetto, O. Del Barba
    Sound engineer: Marco Lincetto
    Assistant engineer: Giorgio Bruni
    Editing and mastering: Fabio Framba
    Design: limage
    Cover and landscapes photos: Ilenco Tracmot
    Portraits: Giorgio Bruni
    P.R. and consultant: Francesco Pesavento

    24 Bit 96 kHz original recording at Seminario Nuovo in Brescia, Italy on december 29, 2002.
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