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Velut Luna

Mano Sucias - Alejandro S. Martinez

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Mano Sucias (CVLD338)

All Spanish Texts and all arrangements by Alejandro Saorin Martinez

1 - Autumn Leaves 3:32
      (J. Kosma, J. Prevert)
2 - Night And Day 3:43
3 - Round Midnight 4:47
     (T. Monk, C. Williams)
4 - Misty 3:31
     (E. Garner, J. Bourke)
5 - Fly Me To The Moon 2:42
     (B. Howard)
6 - My Funny Valentine 3:59
     (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
7 - The Shadow Of Your Smile 4:07
     (J. Mandel, P.F. Webster)
8 - Tenderly 3:31
     (J. Lawrence, W. Gross)
Total Time: 29:57

 Alejandro Saorin Martinez, voice
Pasquale Cosco, bass
David Beltran Soto Chero, guitar
Ricky Quagliato, drums
Andrea Andreoli, trombones
Giovanni Florestan, sax alto, tenor and baritone
Davide Ghidoni, trumpets
Richie Gajate Garcia, congas, timbales, percucion menor
- All recordings  were made by the musicians themselves at their own home, all over the world,
during The 2020 Lockdown, using digital devices set at 88.2kHz/24bit HD native resolution
- Mixed  by Alejandro Saorin Martinez at his own Studio, on January - June, 2021
- Mastered  by Marco Lincetto at Velut Luna Studio, on August, 2021
I thank the corazón to all the musicians who participated in this project and especially to my amigo master Osvaldo Suarez who helps me with the capricious notes.


Production: VELUT LUNA and Alejandro Saorin Martinez
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Cover photo: Luciano Antinori
Art: L'Image

This is a record of pure modern Latin music.

"... When Duke Ellington meets Tito Puente...!": this could be the perfect slogan for this recording project.
Alejandro Saorin Martinez proposes some of the most famous jazz standards of all time, completely rearranged by himself for a Latin Jazz Big Band, mixing swing with Latin rhythms. And he sings the lyrics he himself translated into his own language, Spanish.A spectacular and surprising project, inevitable in the discos of fans of great music.

This project was proposed for the first time by VELUT LUNA in the "physical format of the future", that is a 4GB USB Flash Drive (link > that contains:
- linear 88.2khz/24bit PCM master files
- pdf and jpg files containing technical notes, original texts in Spanish and photographic images of the musicians
- an exclusive video interview with Martinez that explains in detail the individual songs of the project, in particular the inspirational sources and the musical structure; video in MP4 HD format


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