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Velut Luna

LANDSCAPES Classic Piano Solo - Edoardo Brotto

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LANDSCAPES Classic Piano Solo (CVLD298)

Edoardo Brotto, piano

  • 01 Devil's Dance (May, 2017) 10:40
  • 02 The Magical Wood, in the style of Ravel (October, 2017) 6:38
  • 03 Fantasia Quasi Sonata, in the style of Rachmaninov and Chopin (December, 2017) 17:19
  • 04 Prelude in C (September, 2017) 3:39
  • 05 Valse Scherzo, in the style of Chopin (July, 2017) 11:47
  • 06 Summer Rain, in the style of Ravel (January, 2018) 6:35
  • 07 Game Of Thrones Variations (December, 2017) 13:06

Total Time: 69:45

All compositions by Edoardo Brotto Edoardo Brotto plays Steinway & Sons D274 Concert Grand, granted by Zin Padova and tuned by Adriano Zin and Edoardo Brotto.

88.2kHz/24bit original recording made at AreaMagister Studios, Preganziol, Italy, on January, 16 and 17, 2018, using Ribera R12 and Sennheiser MKH8020 microphones During the recording of the digital masters and the subsequent transfer to disc, the entire audio chain was transformerless. The signal was preserved "flat" and not passed through any processing device at any step during production. The original master was monitored and personally approved by M. Edoardo Brotto, due to the perfect match with the original natural sound of the Steinway & Sons Grandpiano played by himself during recording sessions. Mastering Monitor Systems Professional System: dac: North Star Design Supremo pre amplifier: Norma SC-2 Reference triamplified professional speakers: Genelec 1037c + 7070 Top Hi-End System: dac: Wadia Digital 1000 pre amplifier: Jeff Rowland Coherence One power amplifier: Spectral DMA 90 speakers: Sonus Faber Extrema by Franco Serblin

Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical Producer: Edoardo Brotto
Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer: Marco Lincetto
Cover Photo: Edoardo Brotto
Graphics and Layout: Francesca Brotto

Composer, pianist and photographer: three forms of artistic expression, listed in strictly alphabetical order, that come together in one person, at the highest quality. And there are three Arts that in Edoardo Brotto are inevitably interconnected: musical compositions are directly linked to the images of nature that he first "perceives" and then captures with his photographic lens. They are a source of inspiration and his music describes the colors and shapes. And finally the pianist translates these images articulating them into "sound". The pianist from Vicenza creates his compositions improvising directly on the keyboard in real time, sometimes in the style of some great authors of the history of music (and this is already a not indifferent virtue that presupposes in any case a deep knowledge of the subject) and much more often with an original and unique creative vein. The fact is that the compositions that arise from these "improvisations" are pages of very high technical virtuosity, as well as musical depth, neither more nor less than the music of past composers who at times inspired them in some way. Speaking of music in particular, I can simply state with serenity that each piece is characterized by musical difficulties and transcendental techniques. It is beautiful music where the hardships are not ends in themselves or a mere virtuosity, but exclusively functional to the pure musical structure of the contents and the real images, "photographed and developed" by his creativity. It is, finally, tonal music, that is understandable to all, but not at all banal: it is a music that draws on the great classics, metabolizes them and gets a new light, of continuity, but turned towards the future. Neither mannerist, nor disrespectful, nor arrogant or banal. 

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