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Velut Luna

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH - Nicola Lamon, Maria Giovanna Fiorentino

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Maria Giovanna Fiorentino, flute and recorder - Nicola Lamon, harpsichord

Sonata in fa maggiore BWV 1035 per flauto e basso continuo

01 - Adagio ma non tanto, 2:16
02 - Allegro, 3:13
03 - Siciliano, 3:47
04 - Allegro assai, 3:13
Partita in La minore BWV 1013 per flauto solo
05 - Allemanda, 4:32
06 - Corrente, 2:47
07 - Sarabande, 3:38
08 - Bourèe anglaise, 2:00
Concerto in Sol minore BWV 985 per cembalo solo
09 - (Allegro), 2:46
10 - Adagio, 2:15
11 - Allegro, 2:24
Sonata in Si minore BWV 1030 per flauto e clavicembalo obbligato
12 - Andante, 7:40
13 - Largo e dolce, 3:11
14 - Presto, 6:23

tot. time: 50:14

24bit / 88.2kHz original recording made at Studio Rosso, di Zanotto Strumenti, 
in Silvelle di Trebaseleghe, Italy, on July, 4, 5, 6, 2020

Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producer and editing: Mattia Zanatta
Recording, mix & Mastering: Marco Lincetto
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Design & Layout: L'Image

Johann Sebastian Bach (Eisenach 1685-Leipzig 1750) a German composer and musician ended his career as Thomaskantor in Leipzig since 1723 to the death. He is known as one of the greatest geniuses in History of Music, his works are wonderful in intellectual deepness, mastership of the technical and expressive means and artistic beauty. He reached a stunning result uniting the German style of  Pachelbel and Buxtehude with Italian master composer like Albinoni and Vivaldi, transcribing many pieces and most of all mastering the concertante style. His works became the summa and the development of the stylistic and compositive trends of his era. The complex structure, the technical difficulty and his absence from the melodrama scene destined his composition to be performed only by the most talented musicians and limited the diffusion to the large public, comparing it to the audience of his contemporary musicians like Haendel and Telemann. In 1829 the performance of the Matthaeuspassion, directed by Felix Mendelssohn in Berlin, let a large public recognize the miraculous quality of Bach’s compositions, since then seen as exemplar of baroque counterpoint. The Kantor of Leipzig, where he composed many cantatas and sacred works, comes out as prodigy of the Baroque and of all Music history. We choose for the CD the sonata BWV 1030 for flute and obliged harpsichord, the solo flute Partita BWV 1013, for solo harpsichord a transcription from Telemann, and the sonata BWV 1035 for flute and continuo enjoying the composer and his works.

Maria Giovanna Fiorentino “First of all it the sound of Fiorentino is really remarkable and supported by a smart and wise technical skill, by an articulation always interesting and by an inspired and learned phrasing, always well style conscious. The improvisation full of verve of the slow movements is quite impressing” Gianni Toffano CDClassica
 “Quelle merveille ce nouveau cd !" Qu'il fait du bien de voir que des gens n'hésitent pas à innover et à nous donner un autre visage du grand Arcangelo Corelli. ” Denis Grenier, Radio Quèbec e responsabile iconografico dei CD Alfa. “The ensemble I Fiori Musicali has a perfect mastership of their instruments, and their balance is clearly an example in this field” “One of the leading European baroque ensembles.” Fedor Lederer, direttore Journées Baroques sur Vienne.She has studied with S. Balestracci and Pedro Memelsdorff and attended masterclasses with F. Brüggen, M. Miessen, K. Boeke and W. van Hauwe. She graduated in History of Music at Padua University. She has held several concerts in Italy and abroad. for celebrated festivals and concert series, where artists as Gustav Lenohardt, Quartetto Arditti, Cristina Miatello Gabriele Cassone and Fabio Biondi performed. She has recorded for Rivoalto, Ariston, Pavane Records and Symphonia. As a soloist she has recorded Rigaglia’s Sonatas, Corelli’s Opus V and Sammartini triosonatas for Tactus, as well as Bellinzani’s and Barsanti’s sonatas. Then Vivaldi’s Concerti a 4, Tactus Label 2014, 2016 Boismortier Opus XXVII trios, Urania Records as Les Concerts Royaux of François Couperin, Urania Records. She has taught recorder at Conservatorium "G. Tartini" of Trieste, at Musician School of Reggio Emilia and recorder and history of music at Fondazione Morello of Castelfranco Veneto (1997-2003). Since 2008 she is Chairwoman of ERTAItalia, the European Recorder Teachers’ Association Italia, actually she is vicechairwoman.

Nicola Lamon studied at the  “B. Marcello" Conservatorium of Venice, obtaining in 2001 the degree with  full marks in Organ with  Elsa Bolzonello Zoja and harpsichord with Sergio Vartolo and Marco Vincenzi. He has got also the diploma in Gregorian Chant with full marks with Lanfranco Menga. In 2005-2006, at Conservatorio “B. Marcello” of Venice. He was given the Virtuositè Organ diploma with full marks and cum laude. He has attended several courses on Organ and organ improvisation with H. Davidson e W. Porter in Smarano (TN), with  J.L. Gonzalez Uriol ,Daroca (Spain), at Accademia Chigiana of Siena,  for harpsichord , with  Cristophe Rousset. He has received several successes in National and International competitions: organ third prize in  Borca di Cadore in 2001 and in  2005, first prize in Viterbo 2003 and third prize in Fano Adriano (TE) 2006; at the harpsichord first prize in Fusignano (RA), 2003  and first prize  Pesaro , 2005. He is appointed as second organist in the historical Basilica di San Marco, Venice, collaborating with the Cappella Marciana in performances and recordings. He carefully studies particularly the historical praxis of improvisation, in the research and performance of the thorough bass. With David Brutti cornetto he founded the duo “Seicento Stravagante” to enlighten the renaissance and baroque keyboard and chamber music performing concerts and recordings. He participates as Organist and Harpsichord in several groups and ensembles. He has been  teacher at Conservatorio “C.Pollini”di Padova for keyboard practice  and reading vocal repertoire and now he is accompanist at the harpsichord at the Conservatoriums Arrigo Pedrollo, Vicenza, and Agostino Steffani di Castelfranco Veneto (TV). He is involved also in the monumental performance of The Well Tempered Keyboard of J.S. Bach


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