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Velut Luna

Frequency Of Humanity - MARTIAN NOISE

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Frequency Of Humanity (CVLD369)

MARTIAN NOISE: Gabriele & Niccolò Lucchin

1. Prelude 2:01
2. Infra 3:50
3. Boring Afternoon 4:10
4. Omniarch 5:21
5. Hanging Garden 3:18
6. Apnea 4:51
7. Weird Flavour 3:07
8. Walk On 4:30
9. Broken Flower 6:47
Tot. time: 38:00
All compositions by Gabriele & Niccolò Lucchin

Gabriele Lucchin plays Steinway & Sons D274 Concert Grand Piano,
Hammond C3 Organ, Fender Rhodes MKI, Prophet 600 Keyboard,
Akay AX-80, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Vermone Per4mer
Niccolò Lucchin plays Drums
Daniele Lucchin, special guest, plays electric bass on tracks 6, 7, 8

- 88.2kHz/24bit original recording and full analog mix made at Magister
Recording Area, Preganziol, Italy on October, 2023
- Full analog mastering made at Velut Luna Studio, Naquera, Valencia,
Spain, on November 2023
- The final digital HD 88.2/24 wave file was recorded from analog
master using Prism Sound Dream AD2 ADC state-of-the art ADC converter

Production: MARCO LINCETTO, Spain
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producer: Andrea Valfrè
Recording and mix engineer: Andrea Valfrè
Mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Design and layout: L’Image

Manufacture and commercial distribution:, Italy
Many thanks to: our family, in particular our father Gianmatteo Lucchin
for having followed and supported us, managing the tuning part of the
drums perfecting the instrument during the studio recordings; our uncle
Daniele Lucchin for playing in tracks 6, 7 and 8 building solid bass
lines on which it was a pleasure to play.

MARTIAN NOISE are two brothers, Gabriele Lucchin, 19, and Niccolò Lucchin, 17. And they are also the Black Swan of the Italian music world today.

Two young virtuosi of their respective instruments, deep and refined connoisseurs of the epic of the great Prog of the origins, that of the 70s, born and raised between Great Britain and Italy. For them, and thanks to their family tradition, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, Genesis, Rick Wakeman, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, etc. are the daily bread with which they grew and were formed, acquiring an encyclopedic and deep culture of that sound world, thus defining an own original aesthetic of Music.

It was therefore inevitable to arrive at this FREQUENCY (of Humanity), which far from representing a sad derivative clone of the works of the Masters, takes up the stylistic elements, with calligraphic
respect, however offering Music really new and for our days absolutely innovative, fresh and regenerating, in a stagnant ocean of banality, not-music vulgarly predicative.

And they also assume the responsibility of proposing an entire album without voices, without singing, without those “words” that today seem to be the only reason for attraction for a too large audience, who has given up the evocative pleasure of pure music to the “nth” degree.
Well, they think MARTIAN NOISE to awaken attention!

From a technical point of view the unavoidable choice has been to use for their performances ONLY analog instruments directly from the 70s and 80s; as well as most of the work flow of recording, mix and mastering has been realized in the analog domain. No computer, no
sampler, no software was used in the execution phase. And the title of the album, and the cover image, somehow want to point this way, where Humanity, Humanism, overcomes and defeats the dystopian technocratic technicality of today. A tear of vital light in the night of the circuits and bits.

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