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Velut Luna

DREAMLAND - Lucia Minetti

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Lucia Minetti, voice

01 - Dreamland 5:20
       Fabio Ranghiero - Stefano Bortolussi
02 - A Diner One Evening  4:38
       Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti -  Stefano Bortolussi
03 - I-86 Going North  5:42
       Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti - Lucia Minetti
04 - Hobo  4:29
       Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti -  Patrizia Villani
05 - In The Gloaming  4:03
       Fabio Ranghiero - Dario Voltolini
06 - Let Me Tell You About The Bearman  5:27
       Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti -  Stefano Bortolussi
07 - The Emerald Moss 2:28
       Fabio Ranghiero - Dario Voltolini
08 - The Sky Begins Here  4:44
       Fabio Ranghiero/ Lucia Minetti  - Giuseppe Grattacaso
09 - Sacred Datura  4:11
       Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti -  David Hayward / Stefano Bortolussi
10 - That's Crazy Good   4:48
       Fabio Ranghiero / Lucia Minetti - Dario Voltolini
11 - Dreamland  (reprise)  1:36
       Fabio Ranghiero- Stefano Bortolussi
Total Time: 47:34


Fabio Ranghierograndpiano, hammond organ, keyboards
Alberto Toninelli
Augusto Veronese
Gabriele Dusi
acoustic guitar
Special guest:
Elena Borgo
cello on "The Sky Begins Here"

88.2kHz / 24bit original digital recording made at Magister Area Recording, Preganziol, Italy, on March 19,20,21, 2022
Mix and Mastering made at Velut Luna Studio, Casalserugo, Italy, on March 25,26,27 using analog device such as Rupert Neve Design, Maselec, Grace Design and the excellence in digital device such as AD converter Prism Sound AD2 Dream
Production: VELUT LUNA
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical producers: Marco Lincetto, Andrea Valfrè
Balance recording engineer: Marco Lincetto
Recording and editing engineer: Andrea Valfrè
Mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Design and layout: L'Image

"Why did we give such a title to this, an album of songs inspired by the landscapes, the history, the secret corners of America?
The answer is all in the meaning of that first part of the word, "dream". In these poetical and musical visions, America is not the real country we all know. It is a magical place, even esoteric, where everything that America has given us in the course of her and our history converges and coexists; all distilled in the inspiration of a journey that finds its destination in itself: a destination that we like to sing, a "dream land" that we resolutely demand to inhabit."
Lucia Minetti

The songs of Dreamland are inspired both by the great tradition of the greatest American Songwriters, from Tom Waits to Ryan Bingham, from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan, both by the great tradition of the original American Music, from Blues to Jazz. Two wonderful Italian Artists such as Lucia Minetti and Fabio Ranghiero tribute their passion and incredible quality to the Great American Music.

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