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Velut Luna

Double Time - Oscar Del Barba

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Double Time (CVLD373)

Oscar Del Barba, Piano Solo

1 All the things you are (J. Kern, O. Hammerstein), 5:06
2 Skippy (T. Monk), 4:12
3 Stella by starlight (V. Young), 6:53
4 Our Spanish love song (C. Haden), 4:31
5 Heaven (D. Ellington), 5:28
6 Instante immenso (O. Del Barba), 4:20
7 Rhapsodyando, improvvisazione 2 (O. Del Barba), 5:51
8 Elegia (O. Del Barba), 5:28
9 Skyline, improvvisazione 1 (O. Del Barba), 7:18
Total time: 49:13

Inside this CD there are some recordings that concern two different moments of my musical life. Tracks 1 to 5 were recorded in 2018 and the next four in 2012. The first ones are about very famous songs, “classical” standards of jazz while the other pieces are my compositions and two improvisations, not based on a pre-existing theme. So two important aspects of the musical vision of a jazz player: the improvisational aspect and the one related to the composition that often intertwine and coexist not always in a “peaceful” way. I mean, the two things inside me have always been a little conflicted, but in the end, one cannot exist without the other.

A special thanks to my family that bears me and supports me for years; a big thanks to Luca Remelli without which this cd could not have been released; thanks to Marco Lincetto for his work and his role as a cultural popularizer, always attentive to the quality of its productions. Thanks to Giancarlo Roberti, to all those who have made me grow musically until today.

Oscar Del Barba

Tracks 1 - 5: 88.2kHz / 24bit original recording made by Marco Lincetto at Studio Zanta, Camponogara, Italy, on November 2018 - Steinway & Sons D274 Concert Grandpiano, “Henry”
Tracks 6 - 9: 88.2kHz / 24bit original recording made by Giancarlo Roberti at Teatro delle Ali, Breno, Italy, on April 2012 - Steinway & Sons D274 Concert Grandpiano, theatre resident

In this album you can appreciate the charm of the different sound personality of two different pianos, recorded in two different environments six years apart, although played by the same performer: the first (1-5, 2018) with darker and amber tones, the second (6-9, 2012) more brilliant.

Recording engineers: Marco Lincetto (T. 1/5), Giancarlo Roberti (T. 6/9)
Mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto at MLS Studio, Valencia, Spain
Cover photo: Rocco Delillo
Design and layout: L’Image

The gold CD is available here

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