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Velut Luna

BIX - Tiger Dixie Band

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Tiger Dixie Band

1. AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL (arr. R. Sportiello) 3:20
De Rossi (bars); Menato (cl); Caniato (p)
2. DAVENPORT BLUES (arr. S. Caniato) 2:52
Trettel (cornet); collective
3. MINOR BOUNCE (arr. S. Caniato) 3:49
Stockhausen (tp); Zeni (C-Melody); Caniato (p)
4. A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND (arr. S. Caniato) 3:18
Grata (tb); Menato (cl); Beberi (bs) & Casera (violin)
5. CLARINET MARMALADE (arr. R. Sportiello) 3:26
Menato (cl); De Rossi (bars); collective; Hinteregger (d)
6. SUGAR (arr. S. Caniato) 3:14
Casera (violin); Minetti (vocal chorus); Trettel (cornet)
7. BLUE RIVER (arr. F. Zeni) 4:05
Minetti (vocal chorus); Zeni (C-Melody sax); Grata (tb)
8. MATTINATA (arr. S. Caniato) 2:52
Menato (cl); Caniato (p)
9. IN A MIST (arr. S. Caniato) 4:51
Menato (cl); Grata (tb); Stockhausen (piccolo tp)
10. CANDLELIGHTS (arr. F. Zeni) 5:38
Stockhausen (tp) & Merlin (el.g & electronics); Grata (tb)
11. FLASHES (arr. R. Sportiello) 6:06
Zeni (ts); Stockhausen (tp)
12. PHRYTHM (arr. S. Caniato) 4:25
Stockhausen (tp); Zeni (C-Melody sax); Caniato (p)
13. IN THE DARK (arr. L. Grata) 2:55
No solos
14. BIX ON THE BOX (arr. F. Zeni) 7:36
Zeni (ts); Merlin (el.g & electronics) & Stockhausen (tp); free collective
15. A PRAYER (arr. S. Caniato) 4:38
Zeni (C-Melody sax); Stockhausen (tp); Merlin (el.g); Caniato (p)
16. WE AND BIX (arr. L. Grata) 3:34
De Rossi (bars); Grata (tb); Merlin (bjo); Caniato (p)
Total Time: 66:45

Paolo Trettel (cornet on 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 16; trumpet on 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14)
Gigi Grata (trombone)
Stefano Menato (metal clarinet & clarinet)
Fiorenzo Zeni (C-Melody sax on all tracks, exc. tenor sax on 1, 11)
Giorgio Beberi (bass sax)
Stefano Caniato (piano)
Enrico Merlin (banjo; acoustic, archtop & electric guitars, live electronics, loops)
Roman Hinteregger (drums, percussion)

Renzo De Rossi (baritone sax on 1, 5, 16)
Lorenzo Casera (violin on 4, 6)
Lucia Minetti (vocal on 6, 7)
Markus Stockhausen (trumpet on 3, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15; piccolo trumpet on 9)nzo, Giorgio

Producers: Tiger Dixie Band, Velut Luna
Recording engineer: Marco Lincetto
Digital Editing: Matteo Costa
Mastering: Marco Lacchini - Audiomaster Milano
Concept: Giorgio Beberi & Enrico Merlin
Liner notes: Enrico Merlin
Band Pictures: Paolo Trettel, Marco Lincetto

24 Bit 96 kHz original recording. Teatro Polivalente, Abano Terme - Italy, May, 19-20 2003. 

Remastered 2023

"Through the reading of a biography of Leon Bix Beiderbecke, which took place in 1952, I penetrated the boundless, fascinating world of jazz. Collecting his records, then almost impossible to find, I learned the first phrasings that I tried to replicate on my clarinet. Translating from English the full-bodied volume of Phil Evans I ventured into the most intimate meanders of his painful human story. I was so impressed that I decided to make a movie out of it. It’s that film about his life that allowed me to shoot for the first time in America, to start that amazing experience. Today, the house where Bix was born, in Davenport, on Grand Avenue, has been restored to its former state. That white wooden house, protected by two large beeches, is ours and is included in the list of places of historical importance of the United States of America. I owe Bix a lot, perhaps the most exciting part of my human adventure".
Pupi Avati

Since many years Tiger Dixie Band works on early Jazz Music mixing tradition with modern attitude. After a first record dedicated to Italo-american musicians and a second one about X-Mas music, the third work is a tribute to one of the giants, Leon Bix Beiderbecke. On this CD you’ll find the five known compositions written by Bix, some original and new
arrangements of classics of the era and some “ad-hoc” compositions from members of the band. Markus Stockhausen was called as special guest to impersonate the transfiguration of the legendary Davenport musician. He accepted and joined the band for rehearsal and recording. Some other friends (the italian famous singer Lucia Minetti between them) collaborated to complete the picture. The entire work was splitted in two opposite musical situations in terms of style and approach and “In A Mist” is the “trait d’union” between these two phases. Bix travelled in the world of sound and time so the whole project consists in a sort of trip in time and space to celebrate his figure; the closing track is constructed around one of his solos as Ulysses, his bed and his house.
Enrico Merlin

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