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Velut Luna

AMOR Y PASION - Oscar Del Barba

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Original compositions by Oscar Del Barba. Franca Masu voice/lirics by Alan Zamboni.

O. Del Barba, grandpiano
F. Beccalossi, accordion
G. Alberti, saxophone/clarinet
S. Maiore, double bass and cello
M. Vicentini, violin
F. Masu, voice

24bit/48hKz recording made at MagisterAreaStudios, Preganziol on October 11 & 12, 2009/ March 31, 2011. 
It’s always hard to talk in a few lines about a new recording project by Oscar Del Barba.Because Oscar Del Barba is a rich author, that, like very few others today, manages to synthesize a great quantity of cultured references to the whole history of music of the last 300 years at least. Culture and academic preparation (diploma in piano and then in composition), wide attendance of the world of jazz, strong love for the music of the "south of the world", in particular South America: this and more is Oscar Del Barba.

Wanting at all costs to give this record a definition of "genre", we could definitely talk about "tango and surroundings"... It is also good to remember that Oscar, in the booklet of the album, thanks, among others: Astor (Piazzolla), Igor (Stravinsky), Bela (Bartok), Claude (Debussy), Johann Sebastian (Bach)...

Accompanied by a chamber group of musicians of absolute value, all endowed with the characteristic of "interpretive flexibility" - Salvatore Maiore, double bass and cello, Maria Vicentini, violin, Fausto Beccalossi, accordion, Gianni Alberti, sax and clarinet and the extraordinary voice of Franca Masu - Del Barba delivers to history 8 portraits in music, in which the descriptive force, becomes from time to time evocative of situations and emotions, that move with nonchalance between Buenos Aires and Madrid, wandering around Central Europe... Last but not least, to emphasize the beautiful original texts written specifically by Alan Zamboni.

This is a record, which takes you by the hand to track 1 and does not abandon you to the last note.Recorded live, as usual, in the beautiful natural acoustics of the MagisterArea studios of Preganziol by Marco Lincetto, also on the recording front offers an immersive, enveloping and absolutely natural sound. What else could not be done with the music of Oscar Del Barba.

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